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Site Management

First we will meet with you to explain our services and the value we bring to this complex process. We will review your site and discuss the pros and cons of your particular location. We will present our client agreement which explains the details of our representation. Once the client agreement is signed, we begin to market your property to attract offers. When an offer is received, we will present it and offer our advice regarding the merits of the offer. Our client always has the only power to decide whether to accept or reject and offer.

We will negotiate the most favorable terms for our client. We represent our client in the various stages of deployment including site location, design, city/county approval, and construction.

We monitor the tenant to ensure they are complying with the terms of the lease, especially ensuring prompt and accurate payment. We will be the point of contact for all communications between our client and the tenant.

All of these things we do at no charge to the client until revenue is received from a tenant. When one lease is signed and revenue is generated, we resume marketing the site to others.

We take the risk out of the process while leaving all the rewards.

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