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Full-Service Consulting

Review The Lease: When was the last time someone actually looked at the lease document? It’s always good to know what’s in the lease and how it affects you today and in the future.

Renegotiate: If the lease allows or it is otherwise legal, we can help you propose new and better lease terms. If your tenant suggests renegotiation, we can represent you in the negotiations and make sure the new terms are fair.

Buyouts: You may be approached with a buyout offer. A company will offer a lump sum in exchange for the rights to the rent payments. Again, we can represent you to ensure a fair deal. If you want to pursue a buyout, we know the buyers and can help make a deal happen.

Update Current Clergy And Leaders: Several years may have passed since the lease was signed. A new pastor and leaders may now be responsible for understanding the lease. We’ll review and summarize things then update everyone on what’s happening and what’s coming.

Failure To Launch: If you and the tenant signed the lease months or years ago and there has been no movement, we can help. We will contact your tenant to determine the status of the construction. This may be an opportunity to renegotiate.

Time Management: Many landlords don’t have the time needed to manage the issues relating to one or more leases. Let us handle it.

Address Problems: You have an advocate ready and able to confront issues with your tenant. You may face problems with a tenant’s failure to comply with lease terms relating to rent payment, subleasing, and access. It’s important to know that help is available. These services are available to Tower Seekers clients as part of our “full service” client agreement. They are also available on an as-needed hourly-fee basis.

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