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Tower Seekers is unique in that it offers marketing to its clients.  Perhaps the most frequently asked question from landlords is “How can I get a cell tower on my property”?  The answer is being at the right place at the right time when a search ring is issued.

As a site management client, we expose your property to the local wireless industry.  Unlike others, we understand that decisions about individual cell site deployment are made locally. We have regular contact via email, phone and in-person with local cell company reps and their site acquistion vendors.

We don’t know where every new cell site is planned but sometimes we are contacted when a cell company has search rings and needs landlord candidates.  In some cases, our client gets considered.

We cannot guarantee any outcome by becoming a Tower Seekers client. Our goal is to get our client considered as a candidate for a proposed cell tower.  We keep our client information in front of the local industry, offer fair lease terms and attempt to expedite the process.

Beware of companies offering marketing when the motive is unclear.  Some are in another business but claim to market sites to the cell companies. Others are affiliated with the cell companies and may have conflicts of interest. Always ask how the marketing is conducted and to whom it is directed.  Only local marketing efforts are effective.

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